Single Serving Pods for Perfect Proportions and Preservation

Single Serving Pods for Perfect Proportions and Preservation

 It may be tempting to rely on oil and vinegar poured together into a little plastic container to take for your salad at work. However, there is now a better way: single serving pods of olive oil, vinegar, and salt.

Less Muss and Fuss

The top reason why these pods are great for travel meals, like work lunch, is that they aren't messy. Olive oil is so delicious, but getting the slippery stuff on your hands, clothes, or work gear is just irritating. With single serving pods that stay sealed until you need them, you can easily discard the packaging after the one use.

Keep the Organoleptic Goodness

Olive oils and vinegars are both incredibly aromatic and flavorful, but being exposed to air starts the process of dulling those flavors and smells, or organoleptic elements. You want an oil and vinegar that greet you with wonderful odors as soon as you open them, and sealed packages like these single serve pods are a wonderful way to do that.

Cost Effective From Lack of Waste

We've all seen a sad office refrigerator full of unused, ages-old salad dressings; it's not just unsightly, it's also wasteful! Cost effective single serving pods mean that you only buy what you will use, and you don't have to worry about throwing away high quality oil and vinegar when it doesn't get used as soon as you'd hope.

Guaranteed Quality and Taste

We hold ourselves to a high standard of quality when it comes to oil and vinegar. Rather than having to invest in various different oils and vinegars at the supermarket to find one that is reasonably good, you can trust our single serving oil and vinegar pods to deliver the highest quality and taste.

As you can see, a single serving pod for your olive oil and vinegar is the best way to ensure that your work salad or other meal is scrumptious, healthy, and easy to clean up.